About Us

Crown Royal Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is a conglomerate that has been in existence since 1996, providing employment and empowering the local talent in Sri Lanka. With 6 subsidiaries under its wings, Crown Royal Holdings is one of the elite group of companies on the island. It has its presence in the Security industry, Support services, Recruitment & foreign employment industry, Advertising and Pawning.

To offer the best-valued services to our Customers from a controlled cost base, extending priority for exclusive attention to our valid Customer care productivity. We strategically layout plans to build long term valuable business relationships with our customers to maintain good standards, responding positively and extensively to every ethical request on special services.

We believe our people to be innovative, ambitious and spiritual to foster constant work life balance. It’s that strong motivation that drives within our employees that has held this company higher above our competitors. It’s that same motivation that drives us as a company to focus 100% on serving our clients and to ensure their satisfaction.

Our vision is to be the most successful and rewarding Group of Companies, offering the best value and service to our clients within a safe working and a sustainable environment.
Our main goal is 100% client satisfaction. As a pioneer in providing one of the best Security services in Sri Lanka, we have grown into a conglomerate that can accomplish any challenge presented to us by our clients. Our success in tackling problems has helped us build strong and long lasting relationships with our clients.