Crown Royal Hotels Operations and Hospitality Services

Crown Hotels, Hospitality services initiated since 2008 with professionals who have gained intensive and extensive experience in,

  •  Hotel Management
  • Hotel Operations
  • Hospitality services
  •  Food & Beverages
  •  Sales & Marketing
  •  Essential Training.


We seek to leverage the knowledge of our clients to assist them in their current business challenges.


To have a holistic approach towards the customers for their entire satisfaction in a hotel environment

Our philosophy are twofold.

  • First  
  • Foremost

Everything we do is centered on our guests, we always make sure,

We give visitors unforgettable experiences during their stay in our hotels.

Our Hospitality Services will include:

Room Service

  • Room operations
  • F&B Operations
  • Restaurant, Bar concepts
  • Service quality audits
  • Marketing & PR
  • Revenue Management & Distribution
  • Sales support
  • Staff trainings  & Hotel operations
  • HR & Administration

Food & Beverage

  • Menu re-engineering
  • Cost control & profit analysis
  • Restaurant, bar and launch concepts
  • Facility Planning and equipment
  • Service standards & manuals
  • Marketing channels
  • Service quality audits

House management

Building Management

  • Analysis of service contracts
  • Matrix for effective cost savings in Utilities

Green Building Initiative

  • Re-engineering with innovative concepts to Green Building concept to protect environment and human health


The Manager